Standard Accessories: : : Power Cord, BNC Line Cable, Manual

Dimension : 310(H) x 230(W) x 90(D)mm

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    Technical Features
    Frequency RangeOutput : Impedance : 50Ω±10%
    0.1Hz-2MHz (FG-2002)Amplitude : no less than 20vp-p (Empty Load)
    0.1Hz-10MHz (FG-2010)Attenuation : 20dB 40dB
    WaveformsDC bias 0-±10V (Continuously adjustable)
    Sine wave, Square wave, Triangle wave, Positive & Negative Sawtooth and Positive & Negative PulseAdjustment range of symmetry
    Square-wave frontVCF input
    0.1Hz-2MHz<100nsInput Voltage : 5V-0V±10%
    0.1Hz-10MHz<35nsThe maximum Voltage ratio : 1000:1
    Sine wave DistortionInput Signa 1: DC-1KHz
    <1% (10HZ-100KHz)Frequency meter
    Frequency responseMeasuring Range : 1Hz-20MHz
    0.1Hz-100KHz≤±0.5dBInput impedance : no less than 1MΩ/20pF
    100KHz-5MHz≤±1dBSensitivity : 100m Vrms
    100KHZ-2MHz≤±1dBThe maximum input : 150V (AC+DC) with attenuator
    TTL/CMOS output
    Level : TTL pulse low level is no more thanInput attenuation : 20dB
    0.4V, high level is no less than 3.5VMeasurement error : ≤0.003%±1 digit
    Rissing Time : no more than 100nsVoltage : 220V±10% (110V±10%)
    Frequency : 50Hz±2Hz (220V±10%)


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