TIICCI – Boost Made in India, Startups & Women Entrepreneurs- New Delhi 9th Dec 2022

Testing Instruments Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( tiicci) organized India’s First Award Ceremony in Delhi Radisson Blu – Marina Connaught Place New Delhi at Dec 9th 2022.

Chief Guest Shri Maha Mandeleshwar Swami Hiteshwar Nath JI has inaugurated Event with the light of lamp.

VIP Guest Dr. Alok Srivastava- Director General, National Test Houser Central Government of India., Prof. N.K. Goyal Chairman- TEMA , CA Dhruv Aggarwal Chairman Dhruv Foundation , and many officers from MSME Testing centers and Mr. Sanjay Kulkarni – Chairman IEEMA ( T& M Group).

Special Guest Ashok Aggarwal Ex GM AIMIL Ltd , Harish Chandra Chairman Star MSME Forum, Jai Gopal Goel MSME loan and recovery Experts, Dr. Ashish Srivastava Chairman JNP India, Mr. Shailesh Kanaujia – Director Doordarshan.

On this Special Occasion TIICCI Presented Awards to following Winners.

  • Women Entrepreneur winners – Shivangi Aggarwal, Priyanka Gupta , Geetanjali Parashar , Neelam Choudhry , Alka Mishra , Perana , Muskan , Mary Elizabeth , Kavita Singhal , Pooja Verma.
  • Young Entrepreneur startup India Awards winners – Anant Chaudhary , Rajesh , Manoj, Vipin, Ansh Mishra, Neil Peswani, Vibhud chauhan , Ajay Kumar, Dinesh Kumar
  • Award of excellence Products winners – Chandan Hazari from HTC best quality products at low price , Manish Kawtra Metro Q, Best AC Clamp meter , C.I. Gandhi from KIMO Mumbai best Multi Transmitter , TESTO Germany – Best T& M product based on Android Application, Taurus Power – Made In India Best HV detector 765kv, Minchu Bangalore – Made In India Voltage detector , Powertron- Made In India Best Power Supply , Trinity- Best Lab Trainer Kit , VPl Infotech- Best Welding Simulator , Technical Product – Best EMI/EMC Simulator and Temp & RH chambers , Mannu Enterprises- best ITI products , Educe Research Bangalore- Made In India – Energy calibrator , Raamtel – Made In India Best Antenna , Global Instrument Co.- Best Cable Route Tracer , Sanko-Bird – Best RF Signal generator , S.B. International – best Lab In Faridabad, , Parashar Micro measurement – Best NABL Accredited Lab In UP, , Instrument Machinery Mumbai- Best Trader Mix Brand winner , Keith Electronics – Best Splicing Machine Fujikura , Keysight – Nitin Nigam
  • Life Time Achievement Award – Ashok Aggarwal, Atul Kapur , Y.K. Sharma , Harish Chandra , Rajesh Sawant , Rakesh Pandita ,Vinay Chopra ,Dhruv Aggarwal , C.I. Gandhi , Vinod Peswani , Lalkumar T. Hazari , Aditya Nagpal , Sandeep Arora , A. K. Aggarwal , Sanjay Kulkarni ,Sukesh Nathani , Pradeep Kulkarni , Rakesh Batra
  • Tiicci Times – Special Edition on Cyber Security inauguration by VIP and Special Guest.

Ministry officials appreciated to tiicci team this type of event and advice to do more events in all over India to encourage Startups and Made in India to fulfill the Dreams of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi JI.

Due to Busy Schedule winters Sansad Session MSME State Minister Shri Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma unable to reach, but he given his best Wishes and his full support to TIICCI.

Exclusive Interview of Mr. Chandan Hazari with our Chief Editor Dr. Rajeev Mishra.

How is your experience of Test & Measurement Industry?

My exposure to T&M Industry was inherited from my father LalKumar Hazari who ventured in this field decades back. He realized that in order to meet international standards of manufacturing in any industry, the back bone is to adhere to precise specifications and conduct strong quality checks at various stages of production. That was only possible with high quality Test & Measurement tools. He decided to supply best quality T&M instruments in all over India. His vision laid the foundation of Hazari Trading Company in the year 1963.

After my graduation as B.E. (Electronics) in the year 2000 from M.H Saboo Siddik College of Engineering, I got the opportunity to have first-hand experience with leading companies of Asia namely Fine Instruments (Korea), Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co.,LTD (Taiwan)and Standard Electric works Co.,Ltd (Taiwan). Post extensive training in R&D in various departments, I joined my father’s business. My first-hand experience was that the industry had its presence all over but failed to get due recognition as it was quite scattered and had failed to keep up with fast changing times and technology. I decided to revamp the unorganized TMI market and go for upgrading technology & designs of various products. With tech-advancement and product complexity in manufacturing sector, demand for precision testing at every stage had become the need of the hour, along with strong quality checks and safety norms. I aggressively worked on establishing smooth distribution channels and also took the task of educating the customer base about best products with least cost, suited to their needs. We introduced a wide range of our products under our refurbished brand name HTC Instruments. The purpose was not only to provide various choices to customers to choose from a variety of products but also impart detailed product knowledge to them about applicability of different instruments so as to help them grow in the T&M sector.

What is your USP (unique Selling products)?

Well, I am glad to say that we have more than one USPs. Of course, our leading product is Smart Digital Multi Meter. We have seen the market grow over time, and have been closely monitoring the ever changing demands of the industry. We kept updating our products with time and incorporated the changes suggested by our customer feedback and catering to industry needs. Similarly, our Infrared Pyrometers have vast temperature range and come with Contact and Non-Contact measurement facility , some having built-in SD card for storing of data.

We truly believe our proactive strategy of upgrading designs and technology with the changing times is our USP. Our Mold designs ensure our products’ safety, visibility, recall value and can’t be confused with the umpteen rip offs in the market .The quality assurance is guaranteed.

What is your opinion about GeM ( Government e Marketing )?

I believe that Government eMarketing is an admirable initiative by the government of India and is significant consideration for digital India. It provides numerous brands and vendors with a well-organized marketplace where they can compete and market their goods to government and semi-government agencies. The platform encourages quick purchases and fair competition for online bidding among all sellers. Also the services are available around-the-clock.

What do you expect from current Government?

The current administration has done a fantastic job introducing standards like BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), which guarantee customer satisfaction in terms of quality, dependability, and safety. Make in India campaign has benefitted our industry directly as well as indirectly as more manufacturing of any goods means growth in demand of T&M instruments.
However, it is imperative that at some stage the government announces much needed stimulus package for this sector. The sector expects some enticements or subsidies for financial investments in T&M. We have also requested to Government to consider the demand of reduction in GST from current slab of 18% to a moderate slab of 12%

What is major hurdles to Manufacturer / importers of these products in India?

Manufacturing Industry in India by and large cuts corners to reduce cost here and there. They feel that they can do quality checks with traditional methods, without using high quality T&M products. This leads to lesser emphasis on quality controls and failure to achieve precise specifications. This not only makes our products less competitive in Global markets but also hamper the demand of T&M products by various Industries. There is a strong need for the administration to take initiatives to make customers aware of the importance of safety and maintaining standards in manufacturing to stay relevant in competitive markets. TMI on its own can collectively conduct workshops and seminars to provide training and spread awareness of various product choices available to customers.

Do you work for dealer Network model or direct selling to end users?

Our greatest pillars of support, in my opinion, are our dealers, distributors and stockholders.
Besides providing penetration in market they also constantly give us feedback from customers, which enables us to improve our products. They also help train our customers in usage of various products.

What do you think is your major strength?

HTC stands for products marked with indigenous molds, with competitive pricing backed by consistent R&D. Our emphasis is always on introducing user friendly products with adequate supply chain mechanism to meet surge in market demands. We constantly develop new products based on user needs, ergonomic molds and keeping calibrated specifications in mind.

How do you satisfy your customers?

We make sure to familiarize our distributors with product usage who in turn train the customers making it easy for them to use our products. This backed with our round the clock support and after sales service helps eliminate grievances of customers. Besides this, our website is supported by AI programming, which helps in resolving the most frequent issues.

Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years?

Innovation is in our blood. My target is to introduce at least three new products every year. At the same time we aim to expand our distribution network not only to the remotest corners of this country but also to all major countries in the world. The plan is to make HTC a household name by our tireless efforts and the grace of the Almighty.

Do you have any message for Test & Measurement Industry?

I would say that this is the best time for us to grow exponentially. We are witnessing a new exciting age of innovation and tech-development as our country’s economy expands rapidly with the introduction of 5g technology and booming manufacturing activity in India. Digital marketing platforms are allowing the TMI family to innovate and upscale in ways that have never been possible before as the market is more organized than before. Our emphasis should be on quality assurance with low cost, user friendly smart devices.

How do you see Tiicci role in your recent business success?

Unity is strength in any way of life. So it is in Industry. Tiicci helps connecting Indian brands with both domestic and foreign customers. I believe Tiicci has a strong role to play in representing the industry before the government policy makers to achieve better prospects for all players in this sector.

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