Milli / Micro Ohm Meter

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    • Full Colour Display
    • Mainly used for measurement of transformation de resistance, transformer winding resistance, network connectivity, cable conductor resistance, contact resistance of switches, connectors, relays, winding, motor, transformers winding resistence and metal riveting resistance, metal component coupling between resistance test, low resistance testing, contact resistance testing, etc.
    • Resistance range : 10.0μO~50.00 KO
    • Measuring current : 10A, 5A, 1A, 0.1A, 10 mA, 1 mA
    • Self discharge : Yes

    Standard Accessories : Kelvin Test Lead (Red 5M, Black 5M) Charger

    Dimension : 240(H) x 188(W) x 85(D)mm

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    • Large LCD Display
    • 500 Group Data Storage
    • APO
    • IEC 61010-1, Cat III

    Standard Accessories : Kelvin Test Lead (Red 3M, Black 2M) Charger

    Dimension : 187(H) x 119(W) x 50(D)mm

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    • Large LCD Display for easy reading
    • 4 wire testing, capable of testing extreme low resistance
    • Accurate measurement of conductor, electric heading elements & solder point
    • High measurement range of 0.01mΩ~2kΩ at 6 ranges
    • Strong anti-magnetic & anti-jamming functions
    • Full function Protection

    Standard Accessories :4-Wire Test Lead, Shoulder Strap, Manual

    Dimension :176(H) x 116(W) x 63(D)mm

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