Caring for the Environment

Caring for the Environment

E-waste and its disposal are major global environmental concerns that pollute the earth with deadly toxins and cause serious health problems for people handling it in unconstrained conditions.

The solution to e-waste, though, is very simple: Arrange to take your e-waste to a recycling firm. Recycling remains the most effective way to keep e-waste from damaging our environment and our health.

We at HTC understand the gravity of the issue and are committed to a better environment. Recycling e-waste not only saves space in landfills but also prevents the damage caused to environment by the toxins.

There are recycling firms who happily come and collect e waste from our Premises. HTC takes pride in fulfilling this corporate social responsibly by not only sending e waste generated at our Premises for recycling but also encouraging all our dealers and industrial partners to do so.

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