Our Products:-

HTC is today, one of India's leading manufacturer of industrial products, supplied to Government & private sectors. The desire to satisfy the special needs and demands of every industry has resulted in the company having more than 125 products & 10,000 satisfied customers over the last five years!

Analog / Digital Multimeter

Clamp Meter

Power Meter & Power Monitor

Ac Leakage Tester / Earth Tester

Insulation Tester

Phase Rotation Meter

Capacitance /LCR/Milliohm Meter

SMD Tester and Transistor Tester

Lux Meter

Sound Level Meter


Vibration Meter


Digital Thermometer

Infrared / Optical Thermometer


Hygro Thermometer

Data Logger

Digital Manometer

Electro-Magnetic Field Tester


Dc Regulated Power Supply

Function Generator

Frequency Counter

Microwave Leakage Detector

Altimeter / Distance Meter Carbon Monoxide Meter Computer Interface & Accessories