• TFT full view color screen display
  • Dual MCU processors, refresh faster
  • Hot and cold point temperature markers can guide users to the areas with the highest and lowest temperature in the thermal image.
  • Selectable palette
  • Hybrid imaging of visual and infrared images
  • Images capture saved in SD card
  • Connect USB with other power supply and meter, US an power supply to meter directly

Power : AA 1.5V X 4 & USB Power Supply

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    IR Resolution33×33 (1089 pixels)
    Display Resolution240*320 pixels
    Visual Image Resolution300,000 pixels
    Field Angle32 X 32˚
    Infrared Temperature Range-20-380˚C/-4-716˚F
    Accuracy>0˚C, ±2% or reading ±2˚C/3.6˚F
    <0˚C, ±3˚C/5.4˚F
    Note: Accuracy is measured in an environment of 18-28 degree
    Dew Point Temperature Range-30~100˚C/-22~212˚F
    Accuracy±1.0˚C/1.8˚F (25˚C/77˚F,35-70%RH)
    Wet Bulb Temperature Range-30~100˚C/-22~212˚F
    Accuracy±1.0˚C/1.8˚F (25˚C/77˚F,35-70%RH)
    Thermal Sensitivity0.15˚C/0.27˚F
    EmissivityAdjustable 0.1-1.0
    Image Frequency9HZ
    Wavelength Range8-14um
    Focus ModeFixed
    PaletteInk colour, black and white, rainbow colour, ocean blue, iron red
    View OptionsBleeding of the visual and the infrared from full infrared to full visual in 25% steps
    File FormatBMP
    Storage8GB Micro SD Card
    Memory ViewScroll all saved images and view them on the screen
    USB functionConnect USB cable with PC, meter works as U Disk, stored data in SD cared can be download to other power supply to the meter directly and meter works as usual during this time.
    Auto Power Off3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes are optional
    Working Temperature-5~40˚C/23~104˚F
    Storage Temperature Range-20~55˚C/-5~131˚F
    Relative Humidity10~80%RH


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