Features :

  • The Battery Tester is designed for measuring the internal impedance and open circuit voltage of the secondary battery including Nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH), Nickel-cadmium battery (NiCd), Lithium-ion battery(Li-ion), Alkaline battery and lead-Acid battery.
  • AC four-terminal method to measure the internal impedance by eliminating lead impedance and contact impedance to get the accurate results.
  • Multi-display to show the internal impedance, voltage and clock of the battery simultaneously.
  • It has 99 sets of composite comparator function, which can be set at impedance and voltage values to get the reliable detection of battery deterioration.
  • Pin type leads, which can easily contact the battery electrodes supplied as standard to get more accurate 4-terminal measurement.

Standard Accessories : Hard Carrying Case, Manual

Dimension : 171(H) x 55(W) x 38(D)mm

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    RangeResolutionMeasurement currentAccuracy
    40 mΩ10µΩ100mA approx.±0.8% of rdg + 10 digits
    400 mΩ100µΩ15mA approx.
    1mΩ1.5mA approx.
    40Ω10mΩ150µA approx.


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