About Us:-

HTC Instruments had been established in 2008 to provide the optimal Quality and Customer Service by innovation and integration.
The company's flagship measuring instrument business provides products and services indispensable to the development, manufacture and maintenance on a global scale.

With our expertise engineering team, HTC now develops / manufacturer and source many day to day products for the industry under its own brand name, to fulfill the needs and serve every industry from A (Agriculture) to Z (Zoology) be it small, big mine or quary.

As a result of its constant endeavor to innovate and expand, HTC is today, one of India's leading manufacturer of industrial products, supplied to Government & private sectors. The desire to satisfy the special needs and demands of every industry has resulted in the company having more than 100 products & 10,000 satisfied customers over the last five years!

HTC now has 5 years experience of developing the highest quality testing and measuring equipment, backed by a global reputation for quality and service. The system is based on an ongoing commitment to quality, professional fulfillment of duties and constant expansion and development.

Our Vission:-

To establish a global presence as one of the finest industrial houses from India.


Our Mission:-

HTC Instruments will deliver reliable, high-quality measuring equipment and scientific testing equipments, always ensuring that integrity and sustainability are at the core of every effort.